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Restoring Life Foundation

Restoring Lives - From Adversity to Destiny!

A big thank you to all the women who supported our 2nd International Women’s Day event. This year’s theme for our International Women’s Day Celebration 2009 was “Broke?” The afternoon’s activities included a journaling workshop hosted by Janett Plummet from Aspire Creativity who encouraged the women to reflect upon how they were feeling from which a small collection of inspiring poems emerged.

The mind makeover workshop Hosted by Restoring Life’s Cheryl Ridener looked at how our behaviour is shaped by thoughts and the ways we can capture those thoughts to help us break cycles that we don’t like.

The creative expression workshop hosted by Eileen Agnes from Church Crookham Baptist church, gave space for women to express their feelings creatively. Cards, paintings and collages created gave women an opportunity to release their creative spirit on paper.

The ladies from Steps in Faith were a real hit, their flag dancing to Gospel Hits like Shackles really touched into the heart of the event and helped everyone to throw of restraint and get involved.

Carole Cole from Big Fish 117 Ministries was on hand to talk about her fitness ministry and how looking after ourselves physically is essential to our emotional well-being

Lore-ly Clarke from CAP spoke about finances and the help her organisation has to offer in money and debt management.

The afternoon was wrapped up with an emotional detox workshop by Cheryl Ridener who talked about the importance of understanding our emotions, having an emotional language and releasing past hurts to enable us to fully be free. We ended the detox by releasing balloons which were symbolic of the emotions attached to people and situations that we were committing to releasing.

See below for some comments by ladies that attended:-

“It was too short” Jennifer C


“The Workshops were brilliant” Maria N


“Thank you for sharing it was so relevant to my life” Miriam


Have a look at our Picture gallery for pictures of some of our ladies joining in with the flag-dancing.


Hope to see you next year.... 

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