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Restoring Life Foundation

Restoring Lives - From Adversity to Destiny!

How You Can Help

There are 3 things that you as an interested person can do to help support the work of Restoring Life Foundation


Pray - nothing moves without the supernatural intervention of our heavenly Father. Not only has he called and equipped us to serve him but He has called us to pray. Without prayer for protection, provision and His providence the wheels that keep this work moving would have long ground to a stop. You can do this on your own or gather like minded people around you to form a prayer support team to support our work. See the following link for further information. Restoring Life Foundation Ambassadors Information Pack.pdf

Participate - We at Restoring Life Foundation recognise that we are all called to be Ambassadors of the Kingdom. All Ambassadors have a unique role of being the representative of the Kingdom from which they were sent. You too can accept the role of ambassador and help represent and support the work we do by being a volunteer for our organisation. If you wish to get involved please see the link below for further information. Restoring Life Foundation Ambassadors Information Pack.pdf

Provide - Money makes the world go around is a song I remember from my childhood and though this is not quite true, in this world it is essential for survival. Restoring Life Foundations cost are not underwritten by any large church, social fund or government funding, we exist purely on the basis of funds raised through our training, workshops, donations and gifts. So please consider helping us to continue providing this work to support wholeness, healing and restoration. You can use the paypal link below to make a donation or make a cheque payable to the "Restoring Life Foundation" and send them to:


Restoring Life Foundation

PO Box 731

Godalming, Surrey



         Thank you - your money will go towards keeping these services available to the needy and broken world.

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