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Restoring Life Foundation

Restoring Lives - From Adversity to Destiny!

Why Discipleship Coaching?

In the past when people encountered personal problems or experienced difficulties they tended to seek the answers from a priest or therapist. Now, there is an increasing realisation that we each have a role to play in the unveiling of the solutions we need to move on with our lives.

Discipleship coaching is a powerful partnership that provides structure, accountability, feedback and support, it can be compared to working with a personal fitness coach. Whilst a fitness coach works towards developing physical fitness, a discipleship coach focus is on the fitness of the spirit and soul.

Coaches can help clients tap into their spiritual resources and so facilitate the movement towards a full realisation of their clients goals. This can be accomplished through applying the Gospel to the situation which creates an opening of the clients minds to their limiting beliefs, habits and values that are blocking their progress. This when coupled with a look at the deeper questions in life, and a synergistic collaboration that discipleship coaching provides, results in a improved spiritual walk and personal performance of our clients.


Some of the reported benefits include a closer walk with Christ, a deeper faith, more authenticity, higher self esteem, greater confidence and a generally higher level of overall satisfaction with life. By working with a discipleship coach we make a commitment to be a better version of ourselves. Coaching is not about digging into the past, but projecting into, and planning for the future. Many people experience life knowing that they have so much more potential, working with a coach helps to release the untapped gifts and freedom essential to our future.


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Cheryl Taylor

Cheryl Taylor obtained a diploma in Christian Ministry in 2007 from Ellel Ministries and went on to complete her certificate in coaching through the Centre for Coaching in London and a qualification in facilitation. She has worked as a Prayer Minister, Biblical Counsellor, Speaker, Discipleship Coach and Mentor for churches, Christian ministries, and individuals in the United Kingdom and abroad. She founded Restoring Life Foundation in 2007 and since then has facilitated ministry, community and church events.

She is a lead Associate Prayer Minister and Mentor at Ellel Ministries where she regularly facilitates workshops, provides personal appointments and healing retreats, mentors trainees and staff. Cheryl held a Directorship 

in New Beginnings Evangelistic Ministry, has worked in Sales and Marketing and has many years of management experience in the IT industry with a career that spanned both Central Government and Higher Education. Cheryl is a Poet who has authored in excess of one hundred poems, countless articles, training materials and courses, she is the editor of the Restoring Life Foundation magazine, she operates with a prophetic gifting and is a member of a Prophetic School.

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